DARIAH-EU Digital Numismatics WG Open Meeting 2021

Come and join us at the DARIAH Digital Numismatics Working Group Open Meeting online at 10.30 am EST on 11 November 2021.
Details of the DARIAH Open Working Group meetings is available here.
You can register here.


Welcome and introduction to the WG (Rahel Ackermann and David Wigg-Wolf)
Introduction to nomisma.org – who we are, what we do, how we are organized (Andrew Meadows)
The ontology – a link to other fields (Karsten Tolle)
Brief presentations of individual projects
1. Iron Age Coins in Britain (https://iacb.arch.ox.ac.uk) – Courtney Nimura (recorded)
2. Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire (http://chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk) – Cristian Gazdac
3. monedaiberica.org – Pere Pau Ripolles, Manuel Gozalbes, Render (recorded)
4. Corpus Nummorum Online (https://www.corpus-nummorum.eu) – Ulrike Peter
5. Online Swiss Coin Archive (OSCAR) (https://oscar.nationalmuseum.ch) – Christian Weiss (recorded)
6. Token Communities – Clare Rowan (recorded)
7. Kerameikos – Ethan Gruber
8. The Roman Republican Die Project – Ethan Gruber
Presentation and organisation of the Nomisma.org Working Groups
Discussion, questions

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