has Superclasses: Context

has Subclasses: Hoard

Note: A numismatic object or group of numismatic objects that was lost or deposited, whether intentionally or unintentionally, in previous times, and subsequently recovered. The recovery takes place independently of any intention of retrieval associated with the original deposition.
Examples: Group of coins found, contains of “content”, context of deposition “loss”.

Use case:

<nmo:Find rdf:about="">
  <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="en">Find_X</skos:prefLabel>
  <skos:definition xml:lang="en"> Group of coins found in a leather sack, in area_y </skos:definition>
  <dcterms:tableOfContents rdf:resource="http://.../contents_x"/>
  <nmo:hasContext xml:lang="en">loss</nmo:hasContext>


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