IRI: http://nomisma.org/ontology#Hoard

has Superclasses: Find

Class instances: nm:olivers_orchard_hoards, nm:normanby_hoard, nm:lliria_hoard, nm:brauweiler_hoard

Note: A group of numismatic objects: a store of wealth concealed with intent of recovery but which, for reasons not usually known to us, was not recovered until modern times.

Examples: Hoard was found in year_, in location_, and contains of table of content_.

Use case: a.

<nmo:Hoard rdf:about="http://.../hoard_1">
  <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="en">Hoard 1</skos:prefLabel>
      <nmo:hasDate rdf:datatype="xsd:gYear">1984</nmo:hasDate>
      <crm:P7_took_place_at rdf:resource="http://.../location"/>
  <dcterms:tableOfContents rdf:resource="http://.../contents_h1"/>

Use case: b.

<nmo:Hoard rdf:about="hoard_1">
      <crm:P167i_includes rdf:resource="http://../layer_l1"/>
      <crm:P167i_includes rdf:resource="http://../layer_l2"/>

Use case: c.

:hoard_1 a nmo:Hoard ;
    crm:P167i_includes :layer_1, :layer_2, :layer_3 .

:layer_1 a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
    nmo:isBelow :layer_2 ;
    dcterms:tableOfContents <http://../content_l1> .

:layer_2 a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
    nmo:isAbove :layer_1 ;
    nmo:isEqual :layer_3 ;
    dcterms:tableOfContents <http://../content_l2> .



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