Class instances: nm:ar, nm:ae, nm:av, nm:glass, nm:clay, …

Object property: nmo:hasMaterial

Note: The physical material from which an object is made.

Examples: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Coin was made from material_x, which is composed of (20%π, 15%µ, 65%ø) (if material is not defined among the Nomisma-IDs for Material).

Use case: a.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">
  <nmo:hasMaterial rdf:resource="nm:av"/>

Use case: b.

:Coin_x nmo:hasMaterial [ a nmo:Material ;
          dcterms:description " was made from material_x "@en ;
          crm:P46_is_composed_of " 15% µ "," 20% π "," 65% ø " ;
          skos:exactMatch <http://.../material_x> ] .


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