Note: A monogram is a symbol made by overlapping or combining of letters or other graphemes.

Examples: Coin has countermark, which is a monogram composed of several letters, adding reference to a picture e.g., via; incorporated in “digital object”/ with format (OCR Dataset), or depicted in an image/ e.g., with image dimensions.

Use case: a.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">

Use case: b.

:Coin_1 nmo:hasControlmark [ a nmo:Monogram ;
    crm:P106_is_composed_of "C","M" ;
    crm:P165i_is_incorporated_in <http://.../image.format> ;
    foaf:depiction <https://.../image.format&dw=width&dh=height> ] .

<http://.../image.format> a crmdig:D1_Digital_Object ;
                            dcterms:format "image/format" .


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