IRI: http://nomisma.org/ontology#hasCorrosion

Related classes: nmo:Corrosion

Note: Describes degradation due to chemical reaction with an environment, commonly in terms prescribed by “Abnutzung und Korrosion: Bestimmungstafeln zur Bearbeitung von Fundmünzen = Usure et corrosion. (1995). Lausanne.” (OCLC 174260520)

Examples: A coin that is corroded, lightly-extremely- or heavily corroded. It is mostly hard to identify features (portrait, mint, legend, etc.) on heavy- or extremely corroded coins (case of uncertainty).

Use case: a.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">
  <nmo:hasCorrosion rdf:resource="nm:lightly_corroded"/>

Use case: b.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_x">
  <nmo:hasCorrosion rdf:resource="nm:extremely_corroded"/>
      <rdf:value rdf:resource="nm:titus"/>
      <un:hasUncertainty rdf:resource="nm:uncertain_value"/>


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