IRI: http://nomisma.org/ontology#hasLegend

has Superproperties: hasAppearance

Note: Describes the inscription or printing placed on a numismatic object as part of the production process.

Examples: Coin minted in Rome, showing portrait of Titus and legend on the obverse, and showing figure of the goddess Fortuna and a legend on the reverse.

Use case: a.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">
  <nmo:hasLegend xml:lang="en"> Slavic legend: Iω MIRCEA VOEVODA </nmo:hasLegend>

Use case: b.

:Coin_1 nmo:hasMint nm:rome ;
        nmo:hasObverse [ nmo:hasLegend "T CAES VESPASIAN IMP PON TR POT COS II"@en ;
        nmo:hasPortrait nm:titus ] ;
        nmo:hasReverse [ nmo:hasIconography nm:fortuna ;
        nmo:hasLegend "FORTVNAE REDVCI"@en ] .


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