IRI: http://nomisma.org/ontology#hasPeculiarityOfProduction

has Superproperties: hasPeculiarity

Related classes: nmo:PeculiarityOfProduction

Note: Describes a notable, characteristic or unusual physical feature of an individual numismatic object which distinguishes it from other examples of the same group, or of a group of numismatic objects that marks it out from other groups, and which is related to the process of production of a numismatic object.

Example: Random legend orientation, shifted/uncentered motif due to uncentered flan placement, which may cause legend break.

Use case:

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">
  <nmo:hasPeculiarityOfProduction xml:lang="en"> uncentered motif, legend break </nmo:hasPeculiarityOfProduction>
  <nmo:hasPeculiarityOfProduction rdf:resource="nm:off_centre"/>


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