IRI: http://nomisma.org/ontology#hasPortrait

has Superproperties: hasIconography

Note: A portrait of a person on a numismatic object

Related concepts: Deity, Person

Examples: Portrait of: Titus, nero, athena, etc., Coin_1 shows portrait of “Titus” is certain, while for Coin_x this is uncertain, it can more likely be “Nero” (example of uncertainty modeling using CRMinf classes and properies).

Use case: a.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Coin_1">
      <nmo:hasPortrait rdf:resource="nm:titus"/>
      <nmo:hasLegend xml:lang="en"> T CAES VESPASIAN IMP PON TR POT COS II </nmo:hasLegend>

Use case: b.

:Coin_1 nmo:hasPortrait nm:titus .

:Coin_x nmo:hasPortrait [ a crminf:I5_Inference_Making ;
        crminf:J2_concluded_that [ a crminf:I2_Belife ;
        crminf:I4_Proposition_Set "Proposetion_1" ;
        crminf:J4_that nm:titus ;
        crminf:J5_holds_to_be "uncertain" ],
        [ a crminf:I2_Belife ;
         crminf:I4_Proposition_Set "Proposetion_2" ;
         crminf:J4_that nm:nero ;
         crminf:J5_holds_to_be "more_likely" ] ] .


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