POSTPONED – DARIAH-EU Joint Workshop: 3D and IIIF

The DARIAH-EU Working Groups „Visual Media and Interactivity“ and „Digital Numismatics“ regret that it has proved necessary to postpone the workshop “Handling 2D and 3D image-based resources: bringing together IIIF & 3D” planned for 8-9 April 2022 in Frankfurt am Main.

We are now looking at alternative dates for the workshop in the autumn. More information will follow.

For further information contact David Wigg-Wolf: david.wigg-wolf(at)

Technological developments are changing the way in which 3-dimensional objects are digitally recorded and published, presenting scholars with new challenges. What methods are most suitable for recording, documentation and presentation? Which file formats should be used? How do we ensure that the flood of data from an increasingly wide range of undertakings are FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable – How do we ensure sustainability in an environment of ever accelerating technological change?

The DARIAH WGs Visual Media and Interactivity and Digital Numismatics are cooperating in order to address these challenges with reference to two particular technologies: the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) as an example of a recently established technology that is now finding widespread application with increasing interest from research H&A communities (Medieval studies, CH, Literature, etc.); and 3D-scanning and modelling, for which a wide variety of technologies and storage formats are being developed, but without significant cross-community cooperation.

While the Visual Media and Interactivity WG brings a wide range of expertise in the application of both technologies to a variety of media; the Digital Numismatics WG represents a proven community in which IIIF is a standard technology for 2D data, and which addresses a mass-produced medium, coins, that is ideally suited to application and development of digital 3D-methods.

The workshop aims to bring together the capabilities and experience of the two WGs in order to build a wider community across stakeholders and domains in order to exchange knowledge of the tools and services for the implementation of IIIF and 3D-technologies, and to raise awareness of both the possibilities and the challenges they present.

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