has Domain: StratigraphicUnit

has Range: StratigraphicUnit

Note: Based on the Harris Matrix system for units of archaeological stratification. The subject unit is above the object unit in the relative sequence of the units of stratification through time (see: Principles of archaeological stratigraphy by Edward Harris).

Use case: a.

<nmo:StratigraphicUnit rdf:about="layer_1">
  <dcterms:tableOfContents rdf:resource="http://../content_l1"/>
  <nmo:isBelow rdf:resource="layer_2"/>
<nmo:StratigraphicUnit rdf:about="layer_2">
  <dcterms:tableOfContents rdf:resource="http://../content_l2"/>
  <nmo:isAbove rdf:resource="layer_1"/>

Use case: b.

:layer_1 a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
     nmo:isBelow <http://../layer_2> ;
     dcterms:tableOfContents [ a dcmit:Collection ;
     rdfs:label "Content of layer 1 of Hoard_X" ;
     crm:P167i_includes :item_1] .

:layer_2 a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
     nmo:isAbove <http://../layer_1> ;
     dcterms:tableOfContents [ a dcmit:Collection ;
     rdfs:label "Content of layer 2 of Hoard_X" ;
     crm:P167i_includes :item_2,
       :item_3 ] .


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