has Superproperties: owl:topObjectProperty

has Domain: StratigraphicUnit

has Range: StratigraphicUnit

Note: Based on the Harris Matrix system for units of archaeological stratification. The units are correlated (equated by the = sign) as separate parts (given different numbers in the field) of a once whole deposit or feature interface (see: Principles of archaeological stratigraphy by Edward Harris).

Use case: a. Describing the layers of a hoard.

:layer_1_of_Hoard_x a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
   nmo:isBelow :layer_2_of_Hoard_x;
   dcterms:tableOfContents [ a dcmit:Collection ;
   crm:P167i_includes :item_1 ] .

:layer_2_of_Hoard_x a nmo:StratigraphicUnit ;
   nmo:isAbove :layer_1_of_Hoard_x ;
   nmo:isEqual :layer_3_of_Hoard_x ;
   dcterms:tableOfContents [ a dcmit:Collection ;
   crm:P167i_includes :item_2 ,
      :item_3] .

Use case: b. Describing the stratigraphic level a numismatic object was found in.

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Object_1">
      <nmo:isEqual xml:lang="en"> In this level </nmo:isEqual>
      <crm:P89_falls_within rdf:resource="http://../location"/>


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